What is Addvantage Media?

Addvantage Media is an independent sales house that connects brands to the most engaged audiences on exclusively represented websites.

Since its beginnings in 2001, Addvantage Media has focused its attention on helping publishers maximise their revenue potential. By stepping away from an approach that sees inventory being treated as 'commodity', we have been able to assist a large number of publishing partners in developing and monetising their online presence.

Our carefully crafted portfolio of sites offers advertisers the opportunity to target the right people, in the right mind-set, in a fully transparent and brand-safe environment. Our no-nonsense approach to doing business means that Addvantage Media is a business partner that you can trust and rely on.

Managing Partner
Edward Tijdink
Edward co-founded Addvantage Media in 2001. He has over 25 years' experience in various sales, management, and publishing roles in both his native Holland as well as the UK. Despite having lived in the UK for 20 years, being 'a foreigner' remains his favourite excuse for...everything, really.
Managing Partner
Dunstan Rickard
Dunstan has 14 years of digital media experience running the commercial departments for consumer, newspaper, and financial publishers. After 3 years in lead generation, Dunstan joined Addvantage Media in 2011 and the following year became Edward's business partner. A passionate musician, Dunstan is still kidding himself that he will one day make it in the music biz...
Ad Operations Manager
Mia Kokkola
Mia has 5 years' experience in digital advertising. After working in finance for years, she joined Addvantage Media in 2010. Originally from Finland, she moved to London after graduating top level with a BBA in International Business. In her spare time she loves teaching Zumba classes and her goal is to get the whole Addvantage Media team to participate in her Zumba class one day...
Publisher And Acquisitions Manager
Mia Noonan
After graduating from the University of Leeds with a BA in Communication Studies, Mia joined Addvantage Media as Publisher and Acquisitions Manager, looking after all publisher relationships. With her finger firmly on the celebrity gossip pulse, there is nothing Mia doesn’t know when it comes to who got up to what, when, where and how!