Sex Ads Appear Again in 'My Talking Tom' Children's Game

"The creators of a children's smartphone app have drawn complaints for a second time after "inappropriate" images of naked women and explicit wording appeared on the screen without warning.

Two pop-up ads for "", placed by Plymouth Associates Ltd, appeared in the 'My Talking Tom' app, in August.

One ad included a selfie of a naked woman with the words "Wanna fuck?" written on a mirror. Text below the image stated "Want to fuck her?" with the options "Yes", "Maybe" and "No".

The second image also featured a naked woman, with similar text.

Two parents of children aged seven and three years old who were using the app when the ads appeared, complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. They said the ads had been "inappropriately and irresponsibly placed" in a game likely to be played by children.

Responding to the complaint over, Outfit7 said although their apps were not directed at children, they strove to be family friendly, and had a number of advertising restrictions in place. Outfit7 admitted that although they have a strict policy on advertising, they were unable to establish what network was responsible for the ad. Despite the similar case in June, it claimed the issue had not arisen again.

Plymouth Associates, the owner of, claimed they had no role in placing the ad and believed a malicious third party may have been involved. They stressed that they would never intentionally allow an ad to appear in a place children could view it."