British Gas, O2 and M&S ads appear on 'paedo and incest' websites, according to The Sun

"British Gas, O2, Marks & Spencer, Cillit Bang, Asda and Center Parcs are among the brands advertising on "paedeo and incest websites", according to a report in The Sun, leading to questions about the efficacy of the media monitoring and targeting technology they are using.

The Sun piece suggests ads for brands are being placed by software on the basis of keywords – so Royal Ascot, as a brand focused on horse-racing, has had ads positioned on sites dedicated to bestiality, while the latter half of the brand name Cillit Bang "probably" led to the brand appearing against content focused on rape and incest.

He said: "It is important that everyone employed on their behalf; from the sellers of media, through to exchanges, SSPs, DSPs, agency trading desks, media agencies, buyers and tech vendors are all working on their behalf to stop their ads appearing next to inappropriate content."

Hogan's company is set to publish research which reveals that 11% of all UK ads monitored by Integral Ad Science were blocked from serving alongside content deemed inappropriate by the advertiser."