The Single Biggest Challenge Mobile Advertising is Facing Right Now

"Unclicked ads should not be universally discounted as wasted impressions. A recent Nielsen mobile advertising neuroscience study showed how impressions can influence brand perception.

Since the dawn of the commercial internet, the value of display ad impressions has largely been measured through surveys. These are usually online audiences, segmented by consumers who have and have not seen a marketing campaign or creative and asked to respond to a brand perception questionnaire. This approach only taps into a person’s conscious brain – a major shortcoming.

According to research from the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois, only 5% of the brain’s activity is expended on conscious activity. The remaining brain activity is devoted largely to unconscious processing.

Brands will continue to demand new measurement standards and technologies to better understand the role that impressions play in their digital ad spend.

Digital publishers will benefit, as they will be able to command premiums when ads that are simply seen and not “clicked” have a clear and proven benefit to the advertiser."