Can UK Consumers Have Their Digital Privacy, Please?

eMarketer has just released research showing that more than 9 in 10 internet users are worried about privacy online. Where and how does this affect online advertising and in particular, how will this impact personalization of ad delivery….or the data driven targeting of users in general?

"In the UK, concerns about digital privacy are the highest they’ve been in the past several years. According to December 2014 polling by Ipsos MORI 92% of internet users in Great Britain were worried about their privacy online, vs. 89% in 2014, 88% in 2013 and 90% in 2012.

Online ads emerged as a top privacy issue affecting personalization in August 2014 research by fast.MAP, where half of UK consumers said they were concerned with organizations using information about online ads they clicked on to make communications relevant.

...58% of internet users in Great Britain who were aware of measures that could be taken to protect their privacy online had deleted cookies in the past year, and about half had changed their privacy settings. Three in 10 had turned off location tracking..."