Are you buying human traffic?

Incapsula’s 2014 ‘bot report’ supports long standing concerns about the quality of online traffic and inventory.

 “As Incapsula’s previous traffic analysis reports have shown, bots are the Internet’s silent majority. Behind the scenes, billions of these software agents are hard at work, shaping our web experience and playing a key role in everything we do online. These types of bots include search engine crawlers, RSS readers and SEO tools, just to name a few.

However, bots are also often used for less productive purposes. In fact, the majority is used by hackers for different kinds of malicious activity—including mass-scale hack attacks, DDoS floods, spam schemes, and click-fraud campaigns.

Incapsula’s third annual Global Bot Traffic Report examines the typically transparent flow of bot traffic on the web. Building upon our previous findings, this report presents year-to-year bot traffic trends, as well as offering new insights into global bot activity by digging deep into Incapsula’s database to reveal an even more substantial data sample than previous years.”